This page will chronicle the events of past campaigns and other events, as well as general history of the setting. Details will be filled in as time goes on.

  • The Age of Creation – countless ages in the past

Little is now known about this age, but it was during this time that the world known as Ruham was born.

  • The Age of Immortals – tens of thousands of years ago

In this age, the elves, dwarves, and other immortal races were spread far and wide across Ruham. Powerful monsters and powerful magic were common, and all beings worshiped The Ancients, embodiments of the earth, the sky, and even of time. Near the end of this age, the first men came to Ruham. Legend has it that they were born of the energy of the sun itself, and they worshiped Amun, the god of the sun and the guardian of the heavens.

  • The Age of Ruin – thousands of years ago

It was during this age that ancient and unknown forces of pure evil first whispered into the ears of men. A priestess of Amun was corrupted during this age and became a demonic queen of darkness. Her most powerful servants were a cabal of undead mages and creatures made of pure shadow, and together they betrayed and utterly destroyed the armies and empires of all the races. An age of darkness followed in which no being was safe from the evils that plagued the world.

  • The Age of Heroes – hundreds of years ago

After thousands of years of destruction, ten heroes emerged from the struggling kingdoms of men to do battle against the darkness. They chased the darkness from the world, and after a time they were welcomed by Amun into the heavens to be the guardians of their race; All save one of them. Asmodoth, The Betrayer, The Servant of Shadows. Amun saw in Asmodoth an evil so great that he sacrificed himself to prevent Asmodoth from passing through the Gates of Heaven. The nine remaining heroes became gods and are now known as the Holy Nine. Under the guidance of the churches of the Holy Nine, the race of men was able to throw off the remaining tyrants who oppressed them and to create new nations across the land. The other races emerged from their places of hiding to fight off the darkness, but none rose to such great heights as the race of men.

  • The Age of Men – the current age (began 380 years ago)

The nations of men became powerful, but over time they forgot about the battles they had fought together and came into conflict with one another. Few people now worship all of the Holy Nine; nations pick and choose from among the gods those who they believe originally hailed from their lands, or those who embody the ideals of their rulers and their people. Some nations have turned away from the Holy Nine altogether, while some members of the elder races have ceased worshiping the Ancients and now worship members of the Nine.

The official beginning of the First Age of Men was 380 years ago, when King Nor was crowned the ruler of Norweth and the lords of the north drove back the orcs of Grimkaag and founded Qestar. Somewhat before this time, on the eastern continent of Kalabar, three human nations were established when the naga who ruled them as tyrants were finally defeated.

The next three centuries were a period of expansion and conflict for the nations of men. They each solidified their territories and many wars were fought amongst them, with the other races often playing significant roles in the conflicts, but just as often completely ignoring them.

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  • AM 341: Resurrection campaign begins and ends. (Click the link to view the events of the campaign)
  • AM 342: [The Bronze Guard] is founded in Qestar and the order begins hunting down necromancers.
  • AM 350: Relations between Norweth and Qestar are strained once again. Queen Arienne betroths her only child, Princess Lorenna, to Mathian, the infant son of Lord Malkos, a powerful Qestaran lord.
  • AM 351: Lord Malkos is proclaimed Overlord of Qestar. The ties between the two ruling families cause relations between Norweth and Qestar to improve.
  • AM 351: People fleeing from the wars in Kalabar found New Eldaress to the east of Norweth.
  • AM 352: The settlement of Dunhollow is founded to the east of Norweth, near New Eldaress.
  • AM 353: Blood and Bronze campaign begins and ends. (Click the lind to view the events of the campaign)
  • AM 356: Deep in the marshes of Qestar, where Rumorrin had betrayed his companions during the Resurrection campaign, worshipers of Asmodoth perform a ritual using the blood of Bethall to revive the elf, who gains demonic powers from the ritual.
  • AM 358: The Iron Crown campaign, lasting only three days, begins and ends. The royal family of Norweth is killed except for the newly born grandchild of Queen Arienne. Many former adventurers and allies of the queen go into hiding, including Ashim and Bethall. Norweth comes under the stewardship of Qestar.
  • AM 373: The Revenge campaign, also lasting a short time, begins and ends. Adventurers discover that necromancy is once again emerging near Dunhollow, which has grown into a small town under the protection of Lord Orius. Lord Orius’ keep is destroyed by Karazi the necromancer and his undead servants, and the adventurers discover that the necromancer was taking part in some ritual intended to harm Amun. The adventurers failed to prevent the ritual from being completed.
  • AM 374: Rumorrin and the Cult of Asmodoth succeed in imprisoning Amun and begin to use his powers to open a Gate to The Nine Hells. They also overtly conquer Qestar and most of Norweth. Brightblade Keep becomes the last bastion of defense against the invaders, and Rhumsie becomes Norweth’s new seat of power. Qestar is completely conquered, though some managed to flee.
  • AM 374: Prince Dalinor, the only surviving member of the royal family, is revealed to the people of Norweth at age 16. He shall become king only when he sits upon the throne in Elann, currently conquered by the forces of Asmodoth’s cult, but for now he remains a symbol of hope in dark times.
  • AM 375-379: The Gate to the Nine Hells has been open during this time, allowing evil powers to seep into the world. Asmodoth’s cult, assisted by devils, controls the conquered territories, while undead are used to continue the battle against those who resist in western Norweth. It is presumed that the intention of the cult is simply to carve out a new empire in the name of Asmodoth, but their true intentions are far more sinister….
  • AM 380: Current Year. The Gates of Destiny campaign begins.


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